Gender Neutral Styling – Genderless Aesthetic Mystery Box Thrift Bundle

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Reimagine fashion with our Gender Neutral Styling – Genderless Aesthetic Mystery Box Thrift Bundle! 🌈✨ Break free from labels and embrace a wardrobe that celebrates individuality. Each piece in this curated collection defies traditional norms, offering a blend of clothing and accessories that resonate with a genderless aesthetic. Upgrade your style sustainably while promoting inclusivity and self-expression. Unbox a world where fashion knows no boundaries and every item tells a story of empowerment. Embrace the mystery, embrace your true self, and step into a new era of fashion with our gender-neutral mystery box. Your unique journey awaits!


* If you couldn’t find your own size in this pack, you can buy it from “personal shopper/custom mystery box” packs in my store.

Welcome to my page! With this Mystery Box, I plan to give you a gift you will never forget!

Let me touch your style with this special “styling” box!

What you could get (Thrifted and Products with a Tag): check the list on photos

There will be a total of 3 to 5 products from random categories in the box. (The number will change according to the price and size of the products to be included.) Please select the “personalized” option to specify your priorities or make changes in the number.

– Do you request something else? Let me know! In addition, please send me a message for the details you want to specify, apart from the size you choose when purchasing!

PS: The photos in the ad are not the products I have, they are put for example purposes.

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Gender Neutral Styling - Genderless Aesthetic Mystery Box Thrift Bundle

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