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Shopping Basics

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  • These are the aesthetic packages. In other words, the products in the package are already suitable for that “aesthetics”. If the buyer thinks it doesn’t fit, I can make styling suggestions. If they have another problem like size, of course I’m trying to help.
  • If there is a condition that needs to be returned, the buyer can send the package back on the condition that she/he pays the return shipping himself. We are also refunding.
  • Considering that we are shipping from Turkey; We spend a lot of money on shipping and packages. In addition, the general concept of the store is “sustainability.” Shipment of the same package over and over is also against this concept.
  • But as we said, we believe that everything has a solution.🥰

Yes, of course we ship worldwide!


You can see the payment options in the product purchasing section.

All products are “handpicked”. As I mentioned in the listings, I choose the products for you. I can use plastic bags of other brands when packaging. Again, within the scope of the “sustainability” principle, I use the bags of the brands I shopped before. These have nothing to do with the products I sent. Please do not think that the brands written on the bags are the same as the products I send.

Shipping & Returns

Please contact us regarding why you would like to return it.

In international banks, the period may be longer. 15 business days will be the maximum period.

Please contact us regarding why you would like to cancel or change. We will be happy to assist you.

You can reach us at any time. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

I package all my orders like a special gift for you. But if you have a request for a special occasion or someone special, feel free to message me!

I am creating options based on EU sizing. You can contact me to let me know a size detail you want to specify or your shoe size.


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